2015 Winners

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we were able to send five promising young skeptics to The Amazing Meeting with free registration, meals, access to all workshops, and free tickets to evening entertainment!


Gregory Reinert is a student at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan. Founder of a Secular Student Alliance chapter, Greg also cohosts a radio program about his major – criminal justice. He hopes to apply scientific skepticism in his future career in criminology.

Blackmer Geneva Blackmer is a student at the College of Southern Nevada and punk rock musician. Active in her local SSA chapter and a philosophy major, she sees scientific skepticism as a tool necessary to break down social and political barriers.

Georgina Georgina Capetillo is a program coordinator and organizer of her local skeptics group. She has also founded Secular Common Ground, a non-profit organization that promotes Conflict Resolution in the Secular, Atheist and Skeptic Communities.

Jesus Jesus Henriques-McKen is a student and active member of his local SSA chapter at the College of Southern Nevada. He is fascinated with astrophysics and neuroscience, and his idols are Neil Degrasse Tyson and Sam Harris.

image1Kahlia Vaillancourt is a nurse and aspiring writer, hoping to promote scientific skepticism through her future work as a librarian.